20 Must Have Wedding Photos | Boston Wedding Photographer

  1. The "getting ready" shots of the bridal party
  2.  A shot of the dress, shoes, and jewelry
  3.  Photos of the something borrowed, blue, old, and new
  4. Bridesmaid's reactions to seeing the bride in her dress
  5. Bride's parents seeing her in her dress
  6. Photos of bride with bridesmaids/groom with groomsmen
  7. Photos of  the entire wedding party
  8. Bride and groom with their parents and siblings
  9. Close up photos of wedding bands, and ceremony and reception details
  10. Exterior and interior shots of the venue before guests begin to arrive
  11. Photos of the bridal procession
  12. A shot of the groom's face as he waits for the bride
  13. A photo of the bride just before she enters
  14. A shot of the groom's reaction
  15. Photos of the guests watching the ceremony
  16. Close ups of the reading of the vows and the ring exchange
  17. The kiss!
  18. A shot of the couple's entrance into the reception
  19. Photos of the toasts
  20. Photos during the first dance/dances with parents.