Not all Photography Labs are "Professional"


Q. Why order through a professional lab?

A. The color and sharpness of drugstore prints and overall quality is not even close to what a pro lab can provide you. Additional costs incur with ink quality, colors all the way down to the paper professional grade prinss are printed on. 

Q. Is it really worth the additional expense?

A. My best advice is to order your for yourself a few professional quality prints and decide. You'll be amazed at the difference in overall quality, texture, feel and durability. 

Q. Are there labs you DO NOT recommend printing through?

A. You Betcha! Walgreens, CVS, Shutter-fly, Walmart and Rite Aid. We hope you'll print professionally with us, but when budget is a concern our go to lab recommendation is MPIX.


Flush mount albums differs from regular photo books in having a stronger, tighter, finer, superior core. Don’t be fooled by flashy covers. Look inside for binding, color, paper, strength, texture 


Press printed books are like magazines. They’re thin, weightless and lack the solid feeling of a real book. Flush mount books are built like a brick, they feel robust and their weight carries a crafted feel.


Standard press printed books lose the image inside the gutter. All flush mount books however use a layflat design, which gives stunning panoramic view



We  are thrilled to share with you a few of the different options that my clients have when ordering products through the studio. 

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100 Years, Seriously: Lustre is archival grade paper and is designed to last 100 years. This means your memories will be shared for generation to come. What’s the point of taking a photo and printing it if it will only fade away in a few years? Our products are guaranteed.

Save the Dates | Boston Engagement Photographer

Choosing your Save the Date is an important part of wedding planning. After all, it is the first impression guests will have of your wedding. Engagement photos are a great way to convey your personality as a couple.  We've partnered with Wedding Paper Divas to make sure you can create unforgettable save the dates and wedding invitations. 

If you have ideas for what your looking for us when it comes to Save the Dates or Thank you Cards! Feel free to show us some examples! We love seeing your inspiration and collaborating with clients.