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What type of camera should I buy?

If I only had a dollar every time someone asked me this question. I'd probably would have bought my own pony by now.  The question usually puts my head in a tail spin. Here's why. Professional photographer equipment is expensive. It took me years to build up by spread and afford the lenses and full frame DSLR's I own now. To be honest, I have no idea. 

Technology moves pretty fast, what I learned on 7 years ago...Is probably for sale at a garage sale for about $50.  Before making the leap and investing in a new camera. The range of cameras available to consumers these days is impressive. The good news is, entry level DSLR cameras are at a price point accessible to most families. 

Buyers must keep in mind that more functionality and more bells and whistles usually comes with a higher price tag. 

I usually recommended for your first DSLR sticking with either a Cannon or NIkon. This is an an endless rival much like the sox and yankees. 

Who makes the best DSLRs, Canon or Nikon? It’s the impossible question. If it wasn't, one of these giants of the camera industry would be out of business by now.The fact is, Canon and Nikon offer some of the best cameras, lenses, flash systems and accessories – and they have done for years.

Whichever line you choose, you’re investing in an extensive, well-supported system that caters for everyone, from beginners to experts,

I myself...Have chosen Nikon...My reasoning when questioned. Is quite simple. Nikon branded itself with a celebrity.  One of the most prominent celebrity endorsement deals in the camera industry has been actor Ashton Kutcher serving as the face of Nikon. Since 2009,  Kutcher who has been appearing in commercials and print ads hawking Nikon digital cameras. This also happened to be the year I bought  my first DSLR. In 2012, TIME voted the partnership as" a top 10 celebrity tech endorsement

I as a "consumer" identified with ashton,, loved those quirky commercials and the rest is history. 

Nikon:1 Cannon: 0 

 I prefer ordering items for my business through amazon because

1. Their prime shipping membership is Amazing....They carry everything.  I also like the ease of returns with them.... I don't ever need to leave my house.

Quick facts you need to know

Lenses: Your most important accessory to a DSLR is the lens, or choice of lenses. If you are thinking about two different priced cameras, go for the lesser camera body and instead upgrade the lens. They are just that important to image quality, sharpness and ability to aut-o- focus quickly.

Megapixels:In some cases, too many megapixels may actually be a hurdle. If you don't have a high end computer with a fast processor and plenty of memory, you may not even be able to process an image from that 21.2MP.So while MPs are important, it is not the specification that should make or break your decision on a basic DSLR.

Pricing: Kits are always the most affordable and I recommend buying a whole kit to save rather than each product individually. 



"Growing Pains" My Future Husband

When I was 5 my grandmother, mother and I went to Epcot. A trip I hardly remember other then a string of photographs that take me back to a particular memory. But anytime someone says "Michael Jackson" I cower in fear and remember with vivid authority... THE Captain EO at Epcot. 

 "Captain EO" stared Michael Jackson and action on the screen extended into the audience, including asteroids, lasers, laser impacts, smoke effects, and starfields that filled the theater. These effects resulted in the seventeen-minute film running in Disney parks between 1986-1996. Perfectly  "age appropriate" for a 5 year old in the early 90's.  Nahhhtttt. 

Upon exiting the film, with my mother and grandmother. I was questioned about the experience and what I thought? I looked up at my grandmother and stated the following  6 words that I would later regret for the rest of my life. 

"I want to marry Michael Jackson" 

Now this is when Michael Jackson was still black, had a normal nose, and didn't have child molestation allegations stacked up against him. For a 5 year old. He seemed like a pretty good catch.

My determining he would be  suitable husband was based on the these key characteristics. (Handsome guy saves "the universe" wearing a white patent leather suit by singing and dancing. Not only does all "magical-ness" happen. Michael does all this while maintaining a perfectly slick jerry curl)

So my response was nothing short out of the ordinary given the time frame.  

Now what happened next might come as a shock to some readers. Brace yourself.

My "nonnie"  looked down at me without hesitation...lifted her hand and slapped me across the face...It was the slap that was literally heard throughout the world...the magical world of Epcot. 

"Don't talk like that" she scowled. 

My mother was "outraged" 

(Because what's disney in the early 90's without a child screaming and sobbing in the middle of epcot?)

My mother was livid... Not because I was sobbing from the child abuse. No....not because she slapped me in the middle of the happiest place on earth..Not because her fanny pack was on to tight cutting of circulation to her lower extremities...

Because my grandmother was admittedly a "racist." The entire vacation was left with my mother and grandmother fighting over the "race" of my future husband. 

This starting the great debacle between my mother and grandmother of "racism." From that point forward. My grandmother lived in fear that I would one day "marry a black man." and my mother lived in fear that I would live in a world where "racism" still existed. 

Now since Michael jackson lived a pretty quiet life in the mid 90's up until his death. You can imagine how many times this story was NOT brought up during key pivotal moments of my life... Wait no...just kidding. 

You see, every time Michael jackson was on the news, had a new hot single or married the creepy king of pops daughter. My grandmother would bring up his discretions and how she was doing my mother "a favor" thus...This would then spin of into a series of arguments, slammed doors and swear words and the ongoing dysfunctional of my family. And my sheer and utter remorse for ever having opened by stupid 5 year old mouth. 

Now 20 years later.  My mother is turning into her mother. Only instead of living with fear of me marrying a black man....She lives with daily fear that I won't get married.

To anyone....

At this point....I'm 28 and she's grandchild-less. She's desperate. She continues to tell me despite everything, despite her mother, that race doesn't bother her.

That I should just find "anyone" to marry me.

... "even if it is a woman" 


Disclaimer: we do not in anyway promote or condone child abuse. Don't call DSS.