Seaside Engagement | Rockport MA

For their engagement session we had some fun together in Bearskin Neck, Rockport. They brought along their dog Oliver who even got his own ice-cream cone. They both wore casual outfits in keeping with the beach theme of the wedding. They have a second engagement session coming up this fall that I am really looking forward to shooting. 

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Fenway Park Engagement | Boston Engagement Photographer

They roamed around the same college campus, attended the same parties and passed each other in hallways. One night their paths crossed again, they fell into an easy friendship and then love blossomed.  It's been said that women possess certain characteristics that can make a man stop in his tracks.  Not literally, but in this unique way that draws him into her gravitational pull and circle her with adoration and intrigue. Stephanie is one of those girls. Just ask Eric. 

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Rockport MA | New England Engagement Photographer

Austin and Julie once roamed the same hallways of high school. Austin was two grades above Julie and a "band geek" but that didn't stop her from totally "crushing" on the older guy. Years later they reunited at a Christmas party.  The two chatted away catching up, danced, and left with each other on their minds. 

Julie then held an informal party at her house and invited Austin. She perfectly applied her makeup and spent countless hours on her outfit and hair. All for Austin...who never showed up. Typical right? 

But as fate has it, a month later, the two ran into each other again at the Emerald Rose. Austin finally asked her out for a movie and drinks. 

They've been together ever since. He loves her laugh and she loves the way he can always make her laugh. We enjoyed shooting their engagement session in Rockport, MA and are thrilled to be shooting their wedding this May.