Do you shoot Destination Weddings?
Yes! while our business is based out of Boston, we do serve clients in the greater New England region with no additional charges. couples looking for destination coverage outside of new England our packages are simply our standard packages plus the cost of travel and hotel if necessary.

How do I reserve my wedding date? 
The first thing we probably want to take care of is your date. To reserve your date with a deposit needs to be made. You can do this by either paying anywhere up from $1500 to your final package price. Payments can be made via check, cash or card. Click here to see if your wedding date is currently available. 

Do you have an agreement contract for weddings?
Yes! The day we reserve your date will also be the day where we talk about an agreement together. Since everything is completely customizable not everybody’s agreement is always the same. That’s why we’ll work together and go over the entire agreement over coffee or through emails. All agreement signings are done digitally online. After you’ve signed your agreement and a deposit is made then we’re all set for your big day! We’ll meet several times again to hang out but I’m all yours now!


What's happening after my session or event?
Our first step after your event is to cull the images down to a manageable number. We will remove all the images that do not meet our high standards of quality. We then take a second pass using our experienced eyes to further reduce the number of photos, selecting the best images from a series of similar shots. Our goal is to end up with a number of photos that gives you plenty to choose from, but is not overwhelming. We then begin the process of editing your images, color correcting, white balance, tonal effects. This is usually what takes the most time after a session.

When will we receive our proofing gallery? 
Wedding photographs are available in your online gallery 5-6 weeks after your wedding date. Portrait sessions (bridal/engagements) are available 2-3 weeks from the session date. The proofing gallery consists of the photos for you to review and select your favorite images. The goal is for you to select the “must-have” images you want to see in your album(s), wall art, prints, and final online gallery. The length of this step depends on you. The sooner you make your selections, the sooner we get moving on the next steps. We like to have you select your images as soon as possible after the event, however, we realize that you may have some tough choices to make. We are available to help you with this step as well.

When can I share my gallery? 
We will create a new gallery of your final images. From this gallery, you will be able to further select images for your albums, purchase individual photo prints in various sizes, or order specific images as art pieces for your home: Canvas wraps, large photo-art, and framed photo enlargements. You will also share this gallery with your family and guests to view, and optionally purchase their own favorite images from the gallery. 

How long will it take to receive my products?
Depending on your location, it make take up to 14 days to process, print and ship the order. Wedding albums through our studio have a 30-60 days processing time due to the custom craftsmanship and binding. 

What can we do with the digital negatives for download?
Your digital negatives are yours and are included in every collection we offer. You may download files and make prints at your convenience. we do not guarantee printing through any lab other then our own. The online gallery to which your photos are uploaded has two purposes. one is for your convenience — you can share the link and password with your friends and family, and they can order directly from there.
Second, the print lab we use is an art-house lab, which means that the colors are true to the original file and the paper is archival quality. most drugstore photo labs do not color correct images and our editing, leaves images looking lackluster. oftentimes the quality of paper and printing is noticeably different and subpar. since you paid for excellent photography, we would like to continue our quality craftsmanship across the board.