Introducing Baby W | South Boston Newborn Photographer

I'm just going to jump right in! I recently had an awesome session in South Boston with Megan & Charles and their delightful newborn, "Mr. IV". Upon arrival dad helped me with my equipment and while I was setting up gleefully exclaimed, "Hey baby W has his first piece of mail!"  What a wonderful experience it was to capture dads excitement opening his sons social security card. By the way...for those of you who are worried about identity theft, we carefully and meticulously retouched this image.

When Meagan first got in touch with me I was ecstatic to be photographing their newborn son! If you don't know these two parents and are just stopping by the blog. Let me tell you, they are one amazing couple. The two have traveled to some remarkable places across the globe and really take in every culture of the places they visited. Their cats are even named after the african language meaning (one & two)  With such kindhearted wonderful parents I just know baby W will have a lust for adventure and travel when he's older! 

This session was also special because I had a new knit blanket I have wanted to try out. And, when mom mentioned grandpa had given his new grandson a stuffed elephant I thought the color combination would work wonderfully. Not to mention Megan and Charles had once gone on an african safari so I was in my element being able to incorporate these items for them! It goes without saying, I was really excited to have such a sweet boy to try it out with.

Baby W was radiating cuteness before and after his session. The stainless steel spoon prop that was used towards the end of the session really added some sentiment to the photo. For one'll notice my reflection which I painstakingly tried to avoid. (But after about four different yoga poses I decided perhaps Meghan and Charles would like a memento of me :)  Second, the backstory behind the spoon.. You'll have to ask Meghan in comments for that one folks because its truly remarkable! 

Grandpa Grandma and grandpa also made their way up for the delivery of their newest grandson and I couldn't resist sneaking this little preview of baby W yawning in their arms.  

Please Welcome.  9 pounds 6 ounces 20.4 inch Baby W.