Behind the Scenes | Where are your photos?

I get these emails a lot...excited clients whose continued queries regarding the status of their photos actually draws attention away from...well handling...their photos. I can tell from their emails they are really excited to see the final product, and I'm equally excited to show them to them. I truly value their business and I'm flattered by their enthusiasm!

So, I wanted to share the studio's process to give our clients more insight into what's going on so we can better align their expectations. 

Once a client's images are captured, we back up all images onto computers and external hard drives which can take anywhere from 48-72 hours depending on the amount of images taken. Next, we narrow them down to the best and send them to our editors to color correct, tonally adjust and perform minor retouching (if needed.) This process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. After that point we upload them into a full gallery & app as well as an online store which friends and family can purchase images from any device, this typically takes 1-2 weeks. 

While I know it's difficult to wait, all the work is performed in order of service and is impacted by the volume of clients seen in a given period as well as during holidays, where delays can be expected to filter down through all levels of production. 

Our clients have placed a great deal of trust in our studio already by selecting us as their photographer. We ask that they maintain that trust in us and receive our reassurance that we are our doing our very best and will be with touch with them as soon as the images are ready to view.

Like them, we are really excited to share their images!