Welcome Baby Rylee |Concord NH Newborn Photographer

Ladies and gentlemen today I have the distinct honor of introducing you to baby Rylee, who's officially 21 days new! I think we can all agree: her adorable cheeks should earn her a spot on the cover of every baby magazine in the nation! Seriously, I'm practically melting from cuteness overload!

Anyway, as you can see from the pictures below, Rylee and the team had one of the best sessions together. Her mom also had some wonderful props to incorporate. Baby Rylee's last name is actually Wilson so the dairy jug made an especially sentimental prop.  Rylee slept most of the time through her two hour session. And when she wasn't sleeping, she was relaxed and smiley. She couldn’t have been any better! 

 Without further adieu, Ms Rylee Wilson. Born at 10:55 am on 06/29/16 19 inches long 7lbs 6oz.