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Boston Wedding & Portrait Photographer 

After many planning emails with a client, after the contract has been signed, timeline has gone over heres what an session looks like. Many people may not realize that every client has roughly 2-3 hours of prep time before a session where the photographer familiarizes themselves with the clients, billing, contracts and the location, selects props and then beings checking equioment.

After the photographs have been taken, here is what goes into finishing a shoot.

After we take your images off of the SD and CF cards we shoot on and save them onto our hard drives we import all of your photographs into a program called Photo Mechanic to begin the culling process. (or sorting through the images)

Here, we go through all of the photos and mark the ones to be deleted, rename and number them, add keywords and copyright information to them, and choose which photos will be included in the sneak peek blog post of your shoot if there is one. For a wedding this means sorting through over 2,000 images.

Photographs are then put into a program called Lightroom. Lightroom is what we use to edit all of our images.

For every image we adjust the shadows and highlights, color temperature, color saturation, and contrast. This step is also when we crop images and convert them to black and white. Each photo has to be looked at and adjusted so editing a shoot takes a good amount time to ensure that your photos will look great digitally and in print. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.56.50 PM.png

Towards the beginning of editing a session we usually post a sneak peek blog post or full blog post, so this means that within a week at least ten photos need to be completely edited to be included in a post along with a written piece about you and the shoot.  Once finished we add a link to this post on all of our social media accounts so friends and family can get to see a small glimpse into your wedding date or session with our studio. 

After we make the blog post we continue editing the rest of the images and then all of your final, fully edited photographs are uploaded to an online gallery. Prints orders are placed through the online gallery once they are purchased we individually check each one, do a second round of retouching and editing then send the products into production at our custom professional lab. 

From the gallery, clients choose their favorite images for the album. We begin the album design as soon as possible because it often takes a lot of special edits and time for choosing the best layouts.

We then create a slideshow of your photos set to music to share on Facebook and the studios blog. If our videographer was part of your day his footage is also incorporated into the slideshow.

Last but not least emails are sent out to request client reviews on the following sites: